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Products > Jacking Pipes


OKA Concrete Jacking Pipes                                                       PDF Brochure



Range : Diameter 300 - 4800 mm


Applications : Sewerage, drainage, culverts, ducts, tunneling, water pipes


Strength Class : Z,1.5Z,2Z; H,1.5H,2H; 120,180,240 etc.

Specially designed and manufactured pipes to suit individual requirements : Extra strength classes (Z/H Plus), internal high alumia cement mortar lining, internal PVC / HDPE lining, sacrificial lining, concrete with PFA, surface protective coatings and other special requirements. 


OKA offers a comprehensive range of precast reinforced concrete jacking pipes suitable for installation with modern generation of jacking techniques and systems.

Standard pipes are manufactured with well proven butt end joint with cast-in steel collar and flexible natural rubber seal.

Pipes are manufactured either using spinning or vertical wet-cast process under controlled factory environment with stringent ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.  Jacking Pipes are manufactured in accordance to British Standard BS5911:Part 1 or equivalent.











The butt ends joint design enables the jacking forces to be transmitted over the maximum concrete area of the pipe hence reducing possibility of damage due to jacking loads.  A compressible packing must be used to ensure even distribution of the jacking loads.

The cast-in mild steel collar ensures no lateral displacement of the pipe joint during jacking.  Stainless steel collar can be supplied on request.

The natural rubber seal is designed to fit into a preformed rebate at the spigot end of the pipe ensuring a watertight joint.


OKA Standard Jacking Pipes Details




The "Maximum Allowable Jacking Force" quoted above is for quidance only with assumption that the jacking load / thrust is evenly distributed over the full circumference of the pipe end with zero joint deflection; concrete strength at 50 N/mm2 with a factor of safety of 3.0. 

 2.Pipes can be supplied with or without grouting holes.

Non standard pipes can be designed and manufactured to meet individual customer requirements such as the pipe outside diameter (to suit the size of cutter head of the tunneling machine), special strength classes for high depth of fill, etc.


OKA Concrete Jacking Pipes



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