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Products > Large Diameter Pipe


Large Diameter Pipe                                                     PDF Brochure




Precast concrete pipe culverts are used in a wide variety of situations which include culvert, water tank, storage tank, silo, storm water drain, service tunnel, etc.



Notes :

1.Actual dimensions may vary. 


Weights shown are approximate.  Actual figures will vary with the density of concrete and details of reinforcement.


Extra (higher crushing test load) strength pipes in excess of class 'H' are available upon request.


OKA is able to provide pipes with increased cover to reinforcement and pipes made with special cement.
If pipe required is not described here, please contact OKA office or factory.






Service Factors
Many factors influence the performance of a pipe and the following should be considered, before ordering :-



1.  Structure Efficiency

Reinforced concrete pipes are designed and manufactured with considerable "inbuilt" structural strength.


2.  Hydraulic Efficicncy

In terms of Manning's "n" the roughness coefficient of concrete pipes is 0.012 as compared to 0.024 for corrugated metal.  The difference would result in larger metal pipes as compared to concrete pipes for the same quatity of discharge.


3.  Abrasion Resistance

Culverts and storm water lines carry silt and debris which are abrasive.  The high grade concrete used in OKA pipes ensure high compaction thus resulting in a more dense material which provides resistance to abrasive elements.


4.  Durability

The durability of OKA pipes is improved by the presence of moisture as concrete strengthens over time.  Minor cracks which result from normal deflections are sealed by lime deposits carried from the body of the concrete reacting with CO2 at points of minor leakage.  This process is referred to as autogenous healing of cracks.


5.  Economy

The laying of precast concrete pipes compared to in situ ocncrete conduits requires fewer skills and eliminates the need for formwork which result in lower total installation cost.  Further reinforced concrete pipes are proven to require minimum maintenance cost.





Technical Advice

OKA's experienced technical staff are available to advise on any pipe applications or problems involved, including assistance in preparing the appropriate specifications for a particular pipe application.






Transport And Handling

Large Diameter Concrete Pipes can be easily handled and transported to job sites with proper site equipment.

It can be laid by using either a hairpin beam or cast-in-place lifting hook.


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